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Da Vinci exhibition is the most robust and comprehensive touring Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in the world. Da Vinci The Exhibition was created in collaboration with Italian Artisans responsible for interpreting the ancient Florentine dialect used by Leonardo Da Vinci and deciphering the Codices of Da Vinci.

These expert Artisans used Da Vinci’s Codices to design and construct Leonardo’s inventions, bringing to life many machines and devices that were designed but never created by Da Vinci due to the lack of modern technologies in the 15th century. Each of Da Vinci The Exhibition’s , 65 inventions , was built using precise details from Leonardo’s codices in an effort to produce the most accurate representations of his idea. Da Vinci Exhibition is the first and only exhibition to display over 60 invention as working models; the majority of which are interactive for visitors to enjoy and learn from.

Da Vinci The Exhibition sends visitors of all ages on an inspirational journey to the past where they will get to know the greatest genius that ever lived through innovation, creativity, science and technology.

In addition to the numerous working models, Da Vinci The Exhibition provides educational materials for all ages including explanations of each invention.


Life and Times of Leonardo

High quality Reproductions of Codices

65 invention machines

Anathomical Prints

Renaissance art

Documentary video

Hands-on interactive areas

Interpretive panels and wall murals

Large Thematic Canvas Art

Da Vinci Workshop

Educational programs and materials – Primary and Secondary


Curator: Diana Avellaneda

Exhibition organizer and curator for museums and cultural centers since 1985. Trained in Museum Education _ Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York ( Community Education Department ). Graduate in art History ( UBA , University of Buenos Aires ). Journalist. Certification program in cultural heritage and tourism ( fundacion Ortega y Gasset ). Actual doctorate in African influence in art deco. She published 2 books and many specialized articles.

Historical and social content of those times

A day in the XV century , everyday life


Biography – life of Leonardo and Time line

A divine nature’s plan: golden proportion, geometry and proportions

Codices and manuscripts

Inventions that were advance for those times

Study of music: music as armony for the soul

Optical studies: through different crystals

Studies of time: Whatches and his obsession with time

Flight and other studies with the strength of wind, the principles to fly

Studies of Nature ans it’s mechanisms ( mechanics ): A way to understand the world ; Architecture studies & urbanism

Hydraulic Studies: With the strength of waters

Studies of robots

Studies of physics and other researches

Studies of military engineer

Anatomy Studies: Human being, a complex machine

Vitruvian Man

The painting: a poem that may be seen: From fog to light, Techniques , sfumato and claroscuro ; main works

DA Vinci universal spirit : Theatre Director – Parties Organizer – His cooking

Psychoanalytic interpretation of Leonardo by Freud and his studies

Secrets & curiosities

His legacy

Main biography of all the information & research