Mankind’s epic adventure

Space Adventure - PRESENTATION



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 ( Huntsville , Alabama )

Space exploration continues to capture the imagination of the world and is a symbol for the highest and finest standards of technological prowess; this experiencedisplays models and artifacts that portray the difficulties and the achievements of Space Exploration.


Extended duration missions for deep space engage and excite space dreamers and enthusiasts, and now more then ever this is true, with the NASA upcoming Moon and Mars landings but also Space X is taking tourists around the moon.


The history of Space Exploration is a story of accomplishment, combining great strides in science, technology, engineering and human experience.

This is a chronicle of what is generally regarded as one of the most exciting and dramatic aspects of the last century in terms of space exploration were we show artifacts that tell this story but also the human side behind all this incredible technology


Our exhibition brings the hardware and the technology of this great adventure into 5 continents. Along with the wonder and the drama of this inspiring story of human accomplishment, this exhibition marshals an extraordinary collection of simulators and interactivity to give the hand on feel, also the artifacts, and the spacecraft that made a modern reality out of ancient dreams.

And along with the technology, the exhibition presents memorabilia that brings that former ear to life, and even more importantly, illuminates the human stories that lend meaning to the hardware. The immediacy of encountering these artifacts will provide a rich and authentic experience that will bring the thrilling reality of the space exploration adventure for our European and Asian audience. 


Space Adventureinvites you to set your imagination free, have hands on experience with our interactivity, cross thresholds and glimpse entirely new portals to mankind’s epic adventure.