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Napoleone di Buonaparte, born in Corsica, August 15th of 1769, is one of the most controversial and celebrated political figures in Western history, and one of the greatest military commanders and strategist of all time.

At the age of 26 he was given command of the “Army of Italy” and to this day his military strategy and know-how are studied by military academies around the world.

Napoleon´s (as he came to be known) impact in Europe and the Western world did not limit itself to be about just his military conquests and prowess but also his civil footprint, as he brought long term impact liberal reforms to the countries he conquered. His long-lasting legal achievements were, undoubtedly, highlighted by the so-called “Napoleonic Code” - adopted in various forms by a quarter of the world’s legal system spanning from Asia to America.

After his escape from the Island of Elba in 1815 and taking over the government, the “Seventh Coalition” Allies defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo. After his capture by the British Army he was imprisoned on the remote Island of Saint Helena, passing away at the age of 51 in 1821.

In 1840, more than a million people witnessed the return of his remains to Paris where it still resides at Les Invalides.

This exhibition will show the trajectory of Napoleon spanning from his years as a military student to the coronation as Emperor and to his final days. The audience will be immersed throughout a series of galleries replicating the late 18th century scenario sided with original artefacts and paintings – resulting in a truly sensorial way of bringing his story to life.The J´Arrive Exhibition was made possible through the careful and dedicated curatorial support and incredible collection of objects from the Fondation de Napoleon, the academic credibility sustaining the texts and an array of the most relevant objects strengthening the story we present - making this exhibition a unique opportunity to get to know Napoleon and his place in world history.  

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