A mind-blowing collection of original items and sports memorabilia set within a unique experiential and interactive exhibition: that’s what “Goal! The football experience” is all about; the touring exhibition dedicated to the football universe will be inaugurated next 27th June at the Park Exhibition Centre in Moscow, Russia. 

“Goal! The football experience “is a journey through the legendary moments of world football, which the visitors will be able to experience first hand, by following an exhibition path full of materials, items and interactive contents. From the trophies and the historic medals of the champions down to the symbolic objects that made the history of football, from the first soccer balls to the historic kits and football uniforms including those worn by Pelé and Maradona, down to Leo Messi’s and Thuram’s shoes. 

To make the exhibition even more interesting and exciting there are its multimedia contents whose aim is to turn the exhibition tour and its fruition into an active performance rather than a passive one. Visitors will actually live first hand experiences, be totally engrossed in football and create their own dream team by selecting their favourite champions. Planned and conceived as a touring exhibition “Goal!”, after this first leg in Moscow, will be launched in the coming months in the world major capitals including Istanbul, São Paulo, Abu Dhabi, London, Lisbon. The exhibition is produced by Barley Arts International Ltd and World Football Collection Ltd. 

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration of three different entities teaming up together: conceived and designed by Dontstop architettura, it’s set up by ABS Group and it’s developed, as far as multimedia sections are concerned by ETT Solutions.

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